Best Google Address Validation API Free In Javascript

All of them can be supported, the most widely used 15 chains, and you can add other ones. The API can validate any address in a human-readable format or with the format specific to each chain.
The use of this API is very straightforward, just enter the wallet address and verify if it is valid. It also serves to generate new wallets with several chains and to compare the balance that an address has with the one that it should have.
In addition, it is an API that works very fast and in a very short period of time, so you will not have to wait for long periods to get the results you are looking for.

What is an API?

An API is a set of instructions for software to communicate with other software. Programs can ‘speak’ to one another using APIs, so data can be shared quickly and easily. An API acts as a ‘bridge’ between different programs or systems that need to communicate with each other but don’t know how to speak the same language. The API acts as an interpreter, translating one language into another so everything can work smoothly. 
An API usually has three components; a request (the message sent by the program), a response (the message sent back by the API), and an endpoint (the point at which the request and response meet). The request contains information about what data is being requested, while the response returns information about what data was found, or what was done as a result of the request. This information may be in the form of a code or a message, depending on what is being communicated.

How does this work?

When one application wants to get data from another application on a computer network, it sends a request to that application through an API. The request contains information about what data is being requested and how it should be returned. The requesting application then receives this data back from the other application via the API. This makes it easier for developers to write applications that use external data without having to write it all themselves from scratch. 
Because APIs make it easier for programmers to get the data they need from other applications and saves them time, they are becoming more popular every day because they make software development easier and cheaper. 

Why should I use this kind of API?

When working with financial data, security is always a top priority and we have noticed that there are many validators available on the web; but most of them require users
Be able to verify if a given wallet address is valid with this API. Support for more than 15 chains.

You can check Crypto Wallet Address Validator API for free here.

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