Best User Agent Bot Detection API In Java

What Are User-Agent Detection APIs?

User agent detection APIs provide software developers with the ability to identify and classify a user’s device or application. This identification is typically done using a combination of information gathered from the user’s IP address, operating system, browser, and other factors. These APIs can be used to detect and block malicious users, prevent user tracking, and identify outdated browsers.
Although most user agent detection APIs are used by developers to optimize their websites; there are also some that allow you to identify bots, crawlers, and spiders. This is useful if you want to prevent them from accessing your site or to know what kind of information they collect from it.
These are the most common use cases for a user agent detection API:
Identify Unknown Users: A lot of users browse the internet with browsers that aren’t well-known, like Safari for Mac. So, by identifying unknown users, you can make sure your website is friendly to all visitors. 
Classify Users: With information about the type of device or browser a user is using, you can better understand what they want from your website. This will help you improve your website and target your marketing efforts more precisely. 
Detect Spam Bots: Most spam bots use the same or similar user agents. With a user agent detection API, you can catch spam bots before they do any damage to your website or business. 
Block Botnets: Botnets are large groups of malware-infected computers that work together without their owners’ knowledge. If you can identify a botnet’s user agents, you can block their access to your website or servers. 
Learn More About Your Visitors: While some bots collect data from your website, others provide information to it. A good user agent detection API will let you know which users are humans and which are bots, allowing you to focus your efforts on the right things. 

User Agent Detection Java API: What Is It?

This programming language allows developers

This API will allow you to detect any Bot, Crawler, or Spider via their User Agent. Prevent malicious behavior on your applications!

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