Clearview AI is targeting 100 billion portraits in its database, so it can identify 'everyone'

The plan presented to investors is as clear as it is terrifying: finish composing this international base to improve its facial recognition solution – or even create new products of this kind – in order to launch its marketing in new countries. Local sales teams could be recruited in these markets, and lobbying investments will be made there, in order to put pressure on public authorities to generalize the use of facial recognition.
Among the tracks of new applications on which board Clearview AI appears the identification of people via the analysis of their step (a process already tested in China which makes it possible to identify the people of profile or back) as well as the taking of remote fingerprint.

Decried methods

Finally, he indicates that Clearview AI has chosen not to market its solution to the general public, selling it only to law enforcement to help them in their investigations in order to fight against crime. However, its application has ended up in the hands of certain celebrities, and not only government agents. It is also not certain that the economic model of Clearview AI will not evolve in the future, which – according to Hoan Ton-That – would give rise to an update of its public commitments.
Among the interested platforms, we can list Airbnb, Lyft or even Uber, all three of which have already approached Clearview AI. They would seek, by using facial recognition, to improve the security of their services. For the time being, these possible collaborations remain hypothetical, no project of this kind having officially been approached by Clearview AI. On the other hand, Hoan Ton-That is proud to remind anyone who will listen that its technology was used to identify the rioters of January 6, 2021 in Washington DC, following the capture of the United States Capitol.

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