From science fiction to becoming a professional opportunity: Artificial Intelligence gains weight in the business sector

We all have in our memory a scene, chapter or movie in which Artificial Intelligence is the protagonist. For example, the one in Black Mirror where a character dies and, first through the computer and later in human form, is able to recreate his behavior and somehow bring him to life again. During the chapter, it is quite curious to see how to what extent, using Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to know how a person thinks and acts with total accuracy.
This can be applied more and more to the strategy that companies around the world are carrying out. There are many companies that use Artificial Intelligence to streamline all their processes, from improving customer service to being able to better filter candidates in a selection process.
For this reason, it is not surprising that seeing the offers that are published in the main job portals, the positions that require knowledge and training in new technologies are increasingly present. For this reason, people who have been trained in new technologies such as those related to Artificial Intelligence or Big Data have a significant competitive advantage over other people.
To respond to this new paradigm, ESIC has been leading postgraduate training in technology for some time with a series of master's degrees related, for example, to cybersecurity, blockchain, the Internet of things or, the topic that we are dealing with today: the Artificial intelligence.
Senior management positions related to Artificial Intelligence
The high demand for employment related to new technologies is something that may have caught many people late, who currently carry out their work activity in another field but who feel deeply attracted to fields such as Artificial Intelligence. In this sense, schools like ESIC offer the opportunity to train in this and other new technologies, both to start a professional path from scratch or to take a turn in their career.
In addition, the ESIC training master's degrees are focused on creating professionals in senior management positions, for example, strategic leaders in Digital Transformation or Artificial Intelligence, AI managers, Chief Digital Office or Chief Marketing Officer.

The importance of choosing the right study center

All the people who go through ESIC will leave prepared to face the needs demanded by companies today. With a wide range of options, students can choose the subject that best suits their interests. In addition to postgraduate training, ESIC also offers master's degrees and other courses for people who have to combine their work activity with their studies.
The second aspect of the importance of choosing a suitable center for what we are looking for is being able to count on a teaching team that knows first-hand the new professional situation. For example, in the ESIC Artificial Intelligence master's degree, it has expert professors and active professionals in the field of AI with extensive experience in leading companies in their sector. Together with them, each student will also deal with real cases to learn first-hand how Artificial Intelligence is used in more and more processes.

A methodology adjusted to the needs of each student

The educational model used by ESIC is based on the student and their learning. The objective is to prepare them so that they are capable of facing the current moment, far from traditional educational models. How do you get it? Through its Transformative Learning model.
The postgraduate studies offered by ESIC, the student is the center of everything, and has at his disposal the most advanced technologies to learn. In this way, it is the student himself who sets his goals while ESIC puts at his disposal the necessary tools to achieve them. For example, Aula Everywhere eliminates the physical barriers of traditional classrooms and the student can attend from anywhere.
If we are talking about the new professions that are born and will be born related to technology, it is necessary to go to a study center that is committed to it and that contributes to preparing students to face the challenges of tomorrow, assuming leadership positions within the company to set the digitization strategy. And in this sense, since 1965, ESIC is the best option to achieve it.

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