Goodvest, the life insurance that puts your savings in the green

Did you know that your savings are responsible for more than 11 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year? This is the equivalent of 10 Paris-New York round trips. Despite ourselves, a large part of our savings in the bank is used in highly polluting projects, particularly fossil fuels.
Since the emergence of fintech, 100% online solutions that are turning the market upside down, the players who are betting on green finance are increasing. But that's not enough for Goodvest. The French startup goes further and says no to “greenwashing”: Goodvest ensures that you decarbonise your savings by investing in responsible and sustainable projects, strictly excluding sectors that are harmful to the environment. All with a completely tailor-made offer.

Discover Goodvest

Carbon-free life insurance? Investing for your future
Goodvest makes your savings grow by combining responsible investment, search for yield and transparency. Its Goodvie life insurance allows you to grow your savings responsibly.
The startup invites you to select funds from among seven themes that are important to you, all related to eco-responsibility: renewable energies, environment, access to water or even employment and solidarity… With Goodvest, your savings will be reinvested in these key topics, in line with your values, to earn returns. All this according to your values. The most harmful sectors, such as fossil fuels, armaments or tobacco, are systematically excluded from the portfolios. 100% personalized thanks to its innovative algorithm, the offer also adapts to your risk profile with more or less significant returns.
Since its creation, Goodvest has been the only life insurance company that offers investment portfolios in strict compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement, an international treaty signed in 2015 during COP21 whose objective is to maintain below 2 degrees global warming. To select funds that meet these criteria, Goodvest relies on its team of SRI analysts and its partner Carbon4 Financ, who identify the most virtuous investments. Everything is carried by Generali, a renowned insurer. What reassure more than one. Invest better for yourself and for the planet.
To go through with its approach, Goodvest guarantees you transparency. At any time, you have access to information on what your savings finance and its impact on the climate. To support you, you can count on a real responsive advisor (and not a simple chatbot). You can make an appointment for a call or exchange written messages via their platform. So much so that Goodvest's customer service was rewarded at the BFM Patrimoine summit.

Responsible investment, the right pick

Contrary to popular belief, Goodvest is formal: investing responsibly is not synonymous with underperformance. On the contrary, such an investment offers performances comparable to, or even superior to, those of traditional funds. For the less cautious at least.
To verify this, Goodvest allows you to perform a simulation in a few clicks in its “Performance” section. You choose the amount of the first planned payment, the estimated monthly payments and the duration. The simulator also allows you to define your risk profile. For example, with a first payment of 5000 euros and monthly payments of 200 euros, with a long-term plan and a voluntary profile, you obtain an estimated annual rate of return of 4.8%. If you switch to an ambitious profile, the rate is close to 5.5%*.

Make a simulation

It is therefore a good protection against inflation. If the livret A provides security (with a capital guaranteed by the State), it is not necessarily a model of profitability with an annual return limited to 1%. Choosing life insurance allows you to grow your savings and benefit from other tax advantages. Provided you feel a little daring. Note that beyond 8 years of contract, you can benefit from 4600 euros of tax exemption on the capital gain, or 9200 euros if you are married or PACS.

Up to €500 offered to discover Goodvest

We managed to negotiate a gift for our readers: for any new subscription to Goodvest life insurance, you can benefit from our sponsorship code PRESSECITRON and benefit from up to €500 in management fees offered. It only lasts a few hours, enjoy it quickly!

Discover Goodvest

If you were waiting for a sign to invest better, in accordance with your values, here it is. However, keep in mind that in investing, risk and return are closely linked.
Finally, you can recover your funds at any time via the platform's customer area: Goodvest returns them to your current account within 72 hours.
*Past performance and investments are not a reliable indicator of future performance and investments.

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