It is not only used to save files: the other functions of the USB that you surely do not know

Take note. In the technological world there are various types of storage units, from internal such as hard drives or SSDs, to external such as Pen Drives, SD cards, or external hard drives. For that reason, in this note we are going to explain what a Pen Drive is, one of the most popular and used in its class and what it is for.
In the first instance, we will explain to you what exactly a Pen Drive is, which is also known as a USB memory, or USB flash Drive, and why it can cause confusion to call it just “USB”. Then, we will detail the main uses of this type of storage in various contexts.
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The Pen Drive is a data storage unit that can be connected to electronic devices through its USB connector. That is why it is mainly known as USB flash drive. Their capacities and data transmission speeds depend on the models, because each manufacturer has different sizes and over time the speeds have increased.
Thus, it is important to specify that when someone refers to a USB to dry, this is understood as the type of connection used, both the head of the Pen Drive and the slot that the computer or device has to insert it.
YOU CAN SEE: How to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone? Pen Drives emerged decades ago, in an attempt to be a more comfortable and smaller replacement for other storage units, such as floppy disks. To this day, there are units that are the size of the USB connector and have a small chip, but since the first models were long and, compared to other solutions, they resembled a pen, hence it is they were popularly called as Pen Drive.
A USB memory consists of a circuit with the memory in which the data is stored, which is attached to a USB that you connect to the device from which you want to access its storage. Once connected to the USB port, also known as a USB flash drive, from the device you can access the files stored on it or add others.
With this, it is understood that a Pen Drive can have a USB connector, the main reason why they are called USB memory, but it can also have other types of connector. For this reason, a Pen Drive will not always be a memory with USB, but a memory with USB or with other connectors will always be a Pen Drive.
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They are units that allow data to be stored in a portable device and a contained size. Thus, the data will occupy the minimum space and can be read or written from any device.
It also serves to insert multimedia files that you can then use in players. Likewise, you can put music on and play it on a music chain with a USB slot, and many uses in between, as various devices can read different types of media files from these drives.
YOU CAN SEE: WhatsApp: Would you like to send audios to your friends with the voice of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Super? In addition, it can be used to save backup copies, either of a large number of files or directly from your computer. In this type of copy, it is possible that the data is saved in a format that is not accessible or reproducible, so you cannot play it on other devices, although you can restore it later with the same operating system with which you made the copy.
Additionally, you can create a bootable USB, which is used to repair your operating system or to install another operating system on the computer. And, although it is not known by many users, you can use it for other things like turning it into RAM memory to speed up the computer and as a bootable USB to start the PC when it has failures.
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Few know the reasons. In general, people who decide to buy a new USB (or an external hard drive) often wonder why the capacity of this storage unit is much less than it should supposedly have. Believe it or not, the answer is quite simple. Do you want to meet her? Here we will explain the reason.
According to Xataka, a portal specialized in technology, if this happens to you, do not think that you have been sold a failed USB or hard drive, nor that a virus entered it, what happens is that the capacity (16 GB) is expressed in the decimal system.
According to the publication, all electronic devices (be they phones, computers, tablets, among others) do not work using the decimal system, instead they usually use the binary system that is made up of 0 and 1.
By the time your computer converts that figure (16 GB) to binary, a few megabytes will be lost. That is, if you plan to invest in a new USB or an external hard drive, keep in mind the following information:
16GB will actually hold 14.9GB32GB will actually hold 29.8GB64GB will actually hold 59.52GB1TB will actually hold 931GB

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