Kendrion relies on Aras Enterprise SaaS as the digital backbone

Cloud-based Aras DevOps processes create new opportunities for continuous growth
Andover (ots) – Aras, provider of the most powerful low-code platform with applications for the development, manufacture and operation of complex products, announced today that automotive and industrial supplier Kendrion has chosen the PLM solution (Product Lifecycle Management) von Aras decided. This is intended to break up existing data silos and introduce common processes and methods across departments. Kendrion, a leading provider of electromagnetic systems and components that increase performance, comfort and safety in automotive and industrial applications, uses Enterprise SaaS, the cloud offering from Aras. Just like the on-premise implementation, the cloud solution also offers an open, flexible, scalable and upgradeable platform that provides all known applications and functions and includes the Aras DevOps solution for effective and efficient system customization.
Kendrion previously operated several systems for three different company divisions, one of which was about to be replaced. Previous acquisitions also added new tools and processes that needed to be integrated. For these reasons, Kendrion was looking for a solution that could provide a common PLM environment and implement a digital thread. Only this enables complete traceability throughout the entire product development process. With the Aras platform, Kendrion is now able to respond flexibly to engineering requirements, better distribute and use information within the organization, reduce the processes’ dependency on manual spreadsheets and improve the visibility of all product information.
Kendrion quickly realized that Aras’ cloud approach is different. Because Aras Enterprise SaaS not only offers the same applications and functions as the on-premise solution, but also the possibility of a truly customizable cloud environment. This key differentiator for Kendrion continues to allow for a high level of control and tailor-made solutions for all applications and processes. Kendrion thus has full flexibility to adapt applications without restrictions, to develop its own solutions and to upgrade the PLM system at any time if necessary. The use of Aras DevOps also ensures a reliable CI/CD process to manage the high number of integrations in the system environment.
Another important point in the decision-making process for Kendrion was the open architecture of Aras, as Kendrion has switched its ERP system from IFS 9 to the IFS SaaS version as part of the digital transformation in order to also have a uniform ERP structure throughout the company in the future to guarantee. Here, the open API structure of Aras allows Kendrion’s ERP tools to be tightly connected to create a connected and actionable digital thread that encourages collaboration and drives innovation.
For the first phase of the implementation, Kendrion is relying on its existing relationship with Aras partner XPLM. All Aras applications, processes and data are integrated in such a way that seamless and cross-departmental system integration is possible.
“Moving to the cloud creates the conditions for innovative teamwork through dynamic scalability and simple integration options – worldwide,” says Pascale Cornut, CIO at Kendrion. “Cloud-based PLM enables even greater robustness and sustainability over the entire life cycle. The Aras solution offers the flexibility required to create, manage and optimize a dynamic digital thread.”

About Kendrion

The Kendrion Group is a leading provider of electromagnetic systems and components that increase performance, comfort and safety in automotive and industrial applications. Kendrion – headquartered in Amsterdam – has locations in 11 countries and a total of 20 production sites. The company is divided into three business areas: automotive, industrial brakes and industrial actuators and controls.

About macaws

Aras offers the most powerful low-code platform with applications for designing, manufacturing and operating complex products. Aras’ open, low-code technology enables rapid deployment of flexible, extensible solutions that increase enterprise adaptability. The Aras Product Lifecycle Management platform and applications connect users of all disciplines and functions to critical product data and processes throughout the lifecycle and extended supply chain. Airbus, Audi, DENSO, Honda, Kawasaki, Microsoft, Mitsubishi and Nissan use the platform to control complex changes and traceability.

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