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Long Live the Queen is coming soon to Xbox. Here is more information about the game.
Long live the Queen! Long Live the Queen blends and fuses three genres: RPG, simulation and strategy into a unique formula.
Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, in collaboration with developer Hanako Games, is pleased to announce the upcoming digital release of the immersive visual novel Long Live The Queen for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, the scheduled for July 12, 2022, priced at $10/€10.
The developers continued with their own ideology: "It's not so much that it uses elements from all those three standard genres, but rather that the gameplay is something completely different that could be described as one of those three genres. Gameplay consists of choosing what skills Elodie learns and then choosing how to respond to a series of events and crises in her country. Many options are unavailable or lead to disastrous results if Elodie does not have the skills to effectively solve the problem, and every choice has ongoing consequences for the story and the country.”
Elodie begins as a fourteen-year-old girl who is depressed and scared after the death of her mother, has no skills, but has enormous development potential. Depending on how the player controls her moods and training, she can evolve into a wise diplomat, a cruel tyrant, a dashing war leader, or the master of a devastatingly powerful magic.
Early in the game, Elodie learns that her mother used a Lumen Crystal to control magical powers, and that this crystal is now supposed to fall to Elodie. However, her father forbids her from studying magic on the grounds that magic is inherently dangerous and was responsible for her mother's death.
If Elodie wants to become a Lumen, she must first find a way to bypass her father and steal her hidden legacy. But is it true that magic can only lead to destruction? Long Live the Queen offers a lot: it's a leadership sim about strategizing and prioritizing, and a game where you take on the role of a princess and invest points in her character abilities as the game progresses.

Feature list

– A rich and compelling story

– RPG, strategy and simulation

– Magic and secret powers

– Multiple endings

– Fascinating performers, each with their own political agenda

– Background mysteries to uncover

– Cute graphics

– Unlockable outfits

– List of achievements

– Cruelty, Moods, Abilities and Recognition

– Black humor

Elodie usually only has a choice of ending up as queen, being deposed, or dying. For your country, the possibilities are much greater. Will her rule usher in a renaissance of technological advances or an age of superstition? Are magic users openly accepted or hunted down like witches?
Will monsters devastate the land? Will Nova suffer great losses in the war or become the seed of a new empire? Every choice the player makes can help shape the epilogue.
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