Moving Smart Home: You have to consider this when changing routers

Access to high-speed, high-bandwidth internet has become almost a necessity these days. But what should you do if you have built a large smart home with many networks on your old home network? If you want to move your smart home to a new router, you have to pay attention to a few subtleties when changing the router. The good news, however, is that you often don't have to redo all the configurations.

Moving Smart Home: How to change your router efficiently

How easy it is for you to move your smart home depends primarily on the composition of your smart home. Unfortunately, not all apps for individual devices let you transfer old configurations to a new home network. Especially with smaller companies, it is more common that you have to re-integrate a connected device into your smart home after the new router has been installed. However, apps from larger providers that provide many individual devices for your smart home, such as Tapo, can often retain their configurations.
The same applies to many providers whose devices are controlled via a bridge that is connected directly to the router. This is the case, for example, with devices from tado for climate management in rooms. Here it is sufficient to connect the bridge directly to the new router so that the configurations are adopted. Devices that you often have to re-integrate are large electrical appliances such as ovens or dishwashers. However, since a single household has few such devices, this can be overcome.

Move smart home: Change WiFi settings on Amazon Alexa

If you use well-known apps with large systems such as Alexa, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because you can easily transfer all configurations of your app, including all routines that you have set, to a new network. Once you have reinstalled your router and connected your smartphone to the new WLAN, you can open the associated app. In the case of Alexa, the system automatically recognizes that there is no connection to your devices such as Echo Dot speakers. You can then select the new WiFi network for each smart speaker that you have integrated into your smart home. If you are not automatically prompted by the app to make an adjustment, you can go through the process manually in a few steps.
Open the Alexa app. There you can click on the gear symbol at the bottom right. Select your Amazon Echo from the list there. Tap on the "Change" button and select the "WLAN" item. Select "Connect to WLAN". Your Amazon device should now glow orange. If that doesn't happen, press and hold the action button with the dot on the model for about five seconds.Select your new WiFi network in the app and enter the associated password. Your device will now connect to the new WiFi network so that you can use it as can use accustomed.

Change Wi-Fi settings on Google Home

The process is similar with Google Home if you want to change your WLAN. Unlike Alexa, however, you have to remove old settings before you can add a new WiFi network to the device.
Open the Google Home app. Press and hold the tile of your device for which you want to change the settings. Tap on the gear icon in the top right to get the device information. Tap on "Remove" next to "Wi-Fi" to delete the old connection. Then you can use the wizard steps to select the new WiFi settings.

Change Wi-Fi settings on Apple Home Pod

You can also change the WiFi settings on your Apple Home Pod using the associated app.
Open the Home app on your iPhone or iPadLong press the HomePod icon. If your device supports 3D Touch, all you have to do is firmly tap the HomePod icon once. You should now receive a message that your speaker is currently connected to a different WiFi network. Next, tap on "Settings". Again, you should be notified that HomePod is connected to a different Wi-Fi network. At the bottom of the window, you'll see an orange "Move HomePod to (new Wi-Fi network)" button. The name of your new WiFi network should be displayed here. Click on the button to change the selected WiFi network.

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