Pathos Communications: TAZI AI Launches Adaptive Machine Learning Platform for Business Users

San Francisco, California–(Newsfile Corp. – September 6, 2022) – US-based technology firm, TAZI AI, has unveiled its patented machine learning system, which has been designed to provide accurate, predictive insights for corporations. Through its easy-to-use interface and team of experts, TAZI AI is offering an alternative to companies who would like to save on expenses, rather than hiring extensive teams of data scientists.

Machine learning is becoming increasingly relied upon by businesses across the US as a means of surviving today’s unprecedented economic pressures, with 40-year-high rates of inflation, soaring energy costs and rising interest rates. However, machine learning is still yet to be embraced by 55% of organizations. Furthermore, even those that have integrated this technology, although revenue has increased, surveyors were surprised to find that this had failed to result in cost decreases.

Due to its complexity, the integration of machine learning is currently a highly costly process for companies. Aside from funding the technology itself, most businesses then have to hire teams of data scientists in order to make sense of the data being collected by the new system. The average salary for a mid-level data scientist stands at $195,000, while an experienced one can set organizations back $260,000.

This is pricing out many firms from the utilization of machine learning; TAZI AI is striving to help companies overcome this issue. While most machine learning platforms are designed to be used by data scientists, TAZI AI has created a simple, no-code system that can serve business users directly.

TAZI AI’s adaptive machine learning system revolves around dynamic, evolving, ‘continuously updated’, machine learning models from new data, rather than the current ‘batch’ machine learning approach which updates models after they make mistakes; this allows TAZI AI to account for fluctuations in the environment, and as a result, the platform provides more accurate predictions.

Senior officials of TAZI AI underline that one of the core objectives behind the invention of this unique, adaptive system is to open up the benefits of machine learning to those that cannot currently afford it, particularly in today’s market. As well as providing an easy-to-use interface, TAZI AI also guides businesses through their data quality discrepancies.

As part of its announcement, the TAZI AI team outlines that their machine learning system is deployed in three crucial steps. Firstly, through introductory meetings and an establishment of key targets, TAZI AI’s experts explore how to best apply the pre-built TAZI solutions or the platform in order for it to be as effective as possible in meeting each client’s needs. Then, TAZI AI-Trained users will customize and fine-tune the model through extensive testing. Lastly, once the system is up and running, TAZI AI will help the company to monitor, support and maintain its workflow. Businesses are able to leverage TAZI AI-trained teams, without needing to recruit costly data scientists.

Through this methodology, TAZI AI’s system is able to help companies solve issues ranging across areas such as profitability, lead-scoring, customer retention and risk management. The solutions to these problems are intricately intertwined and require a multi-faceted approach; TAZI AI’s adaptive machine learning system facilitates this by producing multiple models in short, 40-day time-frames.

“At TAZI AI, the focus is always on being as helpful as possible to our clients. Our adaptive machine learning presents tremendous opportunities for businesses to boost revenue, efficiency and make more effective predictions moving forward. Currently, other machine learning systems are inaccessible to many companies due to the expenses involved in creation and maintenance of machine learning. TAZI AI is committed to offering a cheaper, less time-consuming and more productive solution for companies across the US,” underlines Zehra Cataltepe, Co-founder and CEO at TAZI AI.

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