RealTime Can OCR Detect Handwriting REST API

This is a great tool for some businesses that need to process a lot of handwritten words or even PDFs. With this API, it will be very simple and fast to be done. 

About Handwriting Recognition API< 

Handwriting Recognition API is an easy to use but powerful tool. This API was created by Zyla Labs and it can process a lot of documentation simultaneously. It is a handy tool that uses a lot of artificial intelligence to provide accurate and fast results. 
This API has the ability to recognize different writing styles, dialects, and even special characters. Therefore, everyone that uses this system will be able to easily understand the data. 
Handwriting Recognition API uses the information provided by you and by the image you want to analyze to give it a structure like a text. This way, you will have an organized description and with an understandable format for the company. 
Most features and benefits of this OCR rest API can be seen in just three steps:< 
STEP ONE: You will need to register and sign in to the Handwriting Recognition API Website. The procedure is simple, easy, and takes very little time.STEP TWO: After signing in, you just have to provide the URL of the document or image that you want to analyze with the API.STEP THREE: Handwriting Recognition API will provide the text in json format right away! This is very simple and quick!   It really is a simple system but powerful enough to get all your data organized and categorized easily.

Why should I use Handwriting Recognition API?< 

If your company works with lots of handwritten texts and documents like invoices or receipts, this recognition tool will be invaluable for you. You just have to enter all that information in your digital system so it is safe and accessible at all times with no extra work from you or your employees. Also, if your company handles big amounts of PDFs, this OCR REST API will do a great task at processing all that text quickly! <  />
To conclude, Handwriting Recognition API will simplify your work greatly so you can focus on other tasks while still having all information organized. The service can be used by any company at any time, even without having an account! Remember that it has no limitations or contracts so you can start using it right away!

If you have any questions or need more information about
This API uses OCR to detect any handwritten words in a picture and it will provide the text in JSON format.

You can check Handwriting to Text API for free here.

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