Strangers on your WLAN: How to find out if someone is tapping into your router

The WLAN can become a gateway for secret readers. In the best case, someone scrounges your bandwidth for free, in the worst case, someone hacks your accounts and steals data. We'll show you how easy it is to find out!
FritzBox models are very popular with users for a variety of reasons and are therefore also widespread. With the right apps for Android and iOS, you can get even more out of the popular WiFi routers. The MyFritzApp primarily simplifies access to the FritzBox from your smartphone. This is easiest to do in your own home network, but also when you're on the go if the FritzBox can be reached from outside via its own IPv4 address.
Version 2.5.1 of the MyFritzApp for iOS comes with a great notification function. New devices in the home network are displayed to you as a message. This is how you unmask unwanted surfers immediately. Also practical, AVM has simplified access to the FritzBox interface. Firstly, there is an unmissable button for this and secondly, you can authenticate yourself using Face ID if you wish.
Note that Android version 2.18.1 is functionally different from iOS version.

Controlling the FritzBox from your cell phone

Selected functions of the FritzBox are easier to access via the app.


AVM offers various apps related to the FritzBox, the MyFritz!App is primarily used for easy access. Instead of logging in via the web interface using a browser, simply start the app. There you will be greeted by a dashboard with news, such as a list of incoming and outgoing calls.
You can view a list of connected devices via the "Home network" menu item. Shortcuts take you to devices with their own web interfaces, such as repeaters or printers. In addition to the name, the currently possible WLAN speed and the IP address are also displayed for all devices. Access to the FritzBox interface also works this way, so you can easily adjust all settings.

Quickly block internet access for devices

You can easily block Internet access for individual devices using the MyFritz! app or the FritzBox user interface.

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The FritzBox has had time restrictions for individual devices for a long time. For example, you can easily determine when the offspring can use the WLAN and when it ends. The "Internet/Filter" area on the FritzBox interface is the right place to go.
There is also an interesting new feature for users who are already using FritzOS 7.20 or newer. You have a simple blocking option at hand via the list of devices registered with the FritzBox. Simply click on "Block" next to the appropriate entry to remove Internet access from the device. The device remains fully functional in the local network. With "Unblock" you remove the Internet lock again.
It is practical that you can also control the device lock via the MyFritz! app, even when you are on the move if you wish. Important: This feature is not readily available with older versions of FritzOS. However, you can use the "Parental Control" to set the "Access Profile" of a device to "Blocked". Even then, the Internet access is blocked. This also works via the MyFritz! app, but you would have to go to the "FritzBox user interface" (iOS) or "Show in browser" (Android) item and edit the FritzBox interface on the smartphone in the browser view .

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Smart home control

Smart home components such as intelligent sockets can then also be accessed via the app.


The FritzBox has been trying to establish itself as a basis in the smart home for some time. Although it is not yet as successful in this discipline as it is as a WLAN router, the app has its own area for device management in the smart home. For example, the intelligent socket Fritz!DECT 200 appears there and can be switched on or off via the app as desired.

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Access to NAS functions and convenience features

Access to NAS functions on the go is practical.


With the app, users can access the NAS functions of the FritzBox from anywhere. This affects the internal memory as well as data carriers connected via USB. This can be practical, but the FritzBoxes often lack performance compared to full-fledged NAS systems.
There are a few pearls under "Comfort": For example, you can switch off the WLAN there or block guest access. The answering machine also gets an on/off switch there.

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