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Slack, like WhatsApp with messages over the Internet, was the solution that large companies had been looking for for years, to organize work groups, without the need to meet physically, in the same room or building, share files and documents. …
As the years have gone by, there have been many applications that have reached the market to compete with both Slack and WhatsApp, however, both continue to maintain a privileged position, although in the case of Slack, it may not last long. .

Top 25 Messaging Apps

The main competitor that Slack faces is Microsoft Teams, Microsoft’s tool, included natively in Windows 11 and available for all platforms on the market (just like Slack) to organize large work groups, make calls and video calls, share files…

A little history

Slack is known throughout the world, mainly in the workplace (large companies, media…), for being an excellent communication tool between teams. However, when the company was founded in 2009, they had the objective of dedicating themselves to the world of video games.
However, they focused their activity on improving the internal communication tool used by the working groups. Slack, as an app, launched in 2013 to great success, gaining 8,000 customers in the first 24 hours.
Thanks to this application, large companies had found the solution to an increasingly growing problem when it came to organizing large work groups, sending files, making videoconferences…

Microsoft Teams

Today, the biggest enemy facing Slack is Microsoft Teams. This application experienced significant growth during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and today, it is installed natively in Windows 11.
In addition, it integrates with Microsoft 365 (making it easier to work and share files in which teams work together) and with more than 250 applications and services.
It is included in the Microsoft 365 subscription plans, so there is no need for an extra to get the most out of it if you are a subscriber to this platform.
As for video calls, Teams allows us to gather up to 100 people completely free of charge and up to 500,000 users in a chat.

Availability of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and via the web (ideal for Linux users). If you are not a Microsoft 365 customer, the cheapest monthly fee to get the most out of it is 5 euros.


Webex is Cisco’s platform for managing communication in large enterprises. It offers integrations with Ghipy, includes whiteboards for sketching and sharing ideas, includes voice and video calls, calendar, file sharing and end-to-end encryption.

Cisco Webex Availability

Cisco Webex is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows and Linux.


HighSide is a great option for organizational communication with advanced security needs, offering end-to-end encryption, authentication, and secure cloud storage.
In addition, it is designed to comply with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) and has an extension for Microsoft Teams to work much more securely.

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Availability of HighSide

HighSide is available for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android. The monthly price per user is 5 dollars to access the basic functions. The administrator version goes up to $12.50 per month.


Chantry is a communication tool for small and medium teams. Just like Slack, you can communicate in public and private channels and through one-on-one conversations. Organize all your files, links, tasks, and conversations into folders in a feature called Teambook.
Chantry integrates seamlessly with Zapier, a platform for creating workflows and automations that allow you to build the necessary infrastructure for every need, large or small.

Chantry Availability

Chantry is available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Up to 10 members is completely free. From the 10th, the price per user is 3 euros per month to access all the available functions.


Discord is the most used communication application in the world of video games. But thanks to its many features and unlimited message history, more and more people are using it to organize workgroups.
The app splits communication channels into text and voice. Within each of these channels, you can create other public and private channels, just like Slack.
It incorporates a curious functionality that no other application incorporates and that is very common in the world of video games: push to talk.
This application has a large number of integrations with bots to automate tasks, however, it does not integrate with applications that are commonly used in work environments.

Discord Availability

Discord is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and via the web.
This platform can be used completely free of charge. If we share the screen of our computer at 1080, increase the upload limit from 8 MB to 50MB, among other things, we must opt for the Nitro Classic (4.99 euros per month) or Nitro (9.99 euros per month) plans.


Mattermost is a fully customizable open source solution to meet the needs of most businesses and can be deployed with private cloud hosting or a self-managed server.
It has message history and integrates with a large number of platforms. It supports more than a dozen languages, making it a great option for global teams.

Mattermost Availability

Mattermost is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and via the web. This platform is free for groups of up to 10 users. For larger groups, the monthly price per user is $10.


Fleep is a mix of Slack and Trello. It is based on the idea of conversations in which users can participate in a discussion on a certain topic.
It includes a task system for assigning and coordinating work, as well as the Bulletin Board feature, which allows users to pin important messages, details, or announcements.

Availability of Flex

Flex is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux. 1:1 conversations are unlimited in the freemium version and it has limited storage capacity as it only supports 3 group conversations. If we want more benefits, we must contract the Business plan.


Twist is the ideal software for asynchronous teams, offering a deeper and more structured communication system through its Threads function.
Instead of a group chat, users must designate a specific Thread for conversations related to that topic.
In this way, all the information related to a project will always be available in a single place and not distributed by different chats.
It also allows you to create individual and small group conversations for short communications that do not require threads.

Availability of Twist

Twist is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and via the web. The freemium version comes with a one-month limitation on search history and 5GB maximum file storage.


Google Chat is another interesting platform that is proposed as an alternative to Slack. However, I have decided to leave it last, due to the continuous movements that Google has made with its applications and services.
This platform, born in 2018, is part of G-Suite for companies and allows us to create group chats, make video conferences and voice calls, share the screen, integrates with Gmail and G-Suite, allows us to send text messages, call by phone and send voice messages…
If your company uses G-Suite, Google Chat is today the platform that offers the greatest integration. However, with Google you never know how long it will last.

Availability of Google Chat

Google Chat is available for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and via the web.
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