What is Google Lens? Find why this project is still alive in 2022

If you don’t know this wonderful application, it’s time for you to do it, it will change your life to have this Google recognition application installed on your smart device.
The Google Lens application was announced in 2017, during the Google I/O, this undoubtedly meant a step forward in the analysis and recognition of images, which works in real time through the camera of your mobile and can help your children with their homework.
So that you can thoroughly understand and understand everything about the Google Lens application, we will explain extensively what it is, how it works and how to install it. To conclude, we will give you a short list where you can find all the functions that Google Lens has and what you can do with the application on your phone.

How does Google Lens work?

Mainly, what you should know before anything else is that the Google Lens application was created by Google for mobile phones, and it is available for IOS and Android.
This fantastic application works using the camera of the mobile phone where you have the application, and you can use it to recognize the objects that are around you.
All you have to do is point your camera at the object you want, at that moment in real time the Google Lens application will take care of analyzing the object you have taught it through Machine Learning.
Once you’ve focused your phone’s camera on an object or text, the Google Lens app will begin to analyze it and try to recognize what it is. When it’s done, the app will offer you actions you can do that are related to the type of object it scanned, or text you’ve shown it, no doubt a pretty useful app.
This tells you that the application does not have generic actions, unlike many others, Google Lens is in charge of proposing different actions for all kinds of things that you point your camera at and give it the task of analyzing, be it an object, an animal , a plant or a text, regardless of what you show it, the application will show you multiple options and results that involve what it has analyzed.
Even, in some cases, the Google Lens application can suggest a song or some type of result that is related to the analyzed object.
Google Lens can do all of these amazing things because this app interacts with the other apps that Google offers, such as the search engine, when you need to find an image that is related to the object that has been shown to you, or with the translator, when you are shown some text that you cannot decipher because it is not in your language.
The Google Lens application can also be integrated with other Google applications, such as Google Photos and Google Assistant, the Google Photos application has a button, which you can press to launch a photo to Google Lens and be able to analyze it thoroughly and give you options .

Google Lens buttons

We can find five different buttons in the main interface of the Google Lens application, the button that is in the center, which is known as the central button, is automatic and is responsible for analyzing all the images, while at the same time try to regularly show the best results and proposals, this will always depend on the context they have.
Now, on the right and left side you will find two buttons on each side, each of them will give you other types of specific interactions or searches.
On the left side, you can find the options to translate the text you want and notes, on the right side, you can manage purchases or search for products to buy online.
You also have the option to translate menus that are involved with food. These are all actions that, if you want, you can force with options, but only in the generic search mode they will jump when you point to the objects that are related to them.

Different modes of use in Google Lens

It is important to mention a vital detail of this application, and that is that Google Lens can work in two different ways, the general way is that it interacts with each object that you point with your camera. If you want to change this general mode, you can.
At the top right, you will find the option to use your own photos, that is, those that are already in your gallery. Once you have selected one, the Google Lens application will take care of its respective reading and analysis. If you wish, you can choose more than one photo at a time.
How can I install the Google Lens app on my phone?
The installation process for this amazing recognition app, called Google Lens, is simple and quick. To install Google Lens on an Android device, all you have to do is enter Google Play, where by placing its name you will find it in a second, then you will hit install and that’s it, once the download has finished, you will have it installed on your phone and ready to start using.
In the case of IOS devices, the installation process of the Google Lens app becomes a bit more complicated than with the Android device, since it does not have a separate application for IOS, you will start the installation process by searching for the generic application from Google in the App Store and install it. Once you open it, you will be able to see the Google Lens icon at the top.
The Google Lens application has the technology found in Google Assistant for Android devices, in the same way it happens with the Google Photos application, which you can download on Google Play for Android devices and on the App Store for IOS devices. that is, you have these two secondary options to use Google Lens, if you wish.

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