Why can Google almost never find good PNG images? The trick to get them

Why is it so hard to find PNG images on Google? If you have ever carried out a project, task or simply wanted to edit a design with a particular logo, it is likely that you have used the search engine to find an image in the well-known Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. These files are very useful because they allow transparency, but they have also become one of the most difficult to obtain.
The above is relative, since finding an image in PNG is not impossible, but it is a task that can sometimes take more time than necessary, and the reason is very particular. So much so that it deserves its explanation.
YOU CAN SEE: Google Chrome: very soon you will be able to add annotations to all your passwords Why is it so difficult to find a PNG image in Google?
If it has happened to you that, when looking for an image with this format, you have come across a lot of images that seem to be, but are really of any other kind, such as JPEG, BMP or even GIF, then you understand the seriousness of the matter.
This is already one of the classic problems of productivity for the computer user, since it can make us waste time. The reason? Well, many times we believe that these images are PNG because they have the characteristic background that indicates transparency on the Google platform, represented by a mesh of white and gray squares.
Finally, when you copy and paste one of these 'fake' images, what you will get is a logo with a white and gray mesh background that will be very difficult to remove. The best thing to do is keep looking until you find one that is PNG and has a transparent background, but we will have already lost some valuable seconds.
There is no specific reason why so many of these PNG images with backgrounds exist, but there are probably people out there who like to play pranks and post these images with the goal of annoying people. There are even those who save them in the same format (PNG), but with a background attached.

The solution?

Many people searched for a way to avoid this inconvenience for years. The classic solution was to use the Google search command which filtered the results to show you just one specific one.
In this case, the correct thing would be to place “filetype:png” just before any search, but unfortunately, this method is inefficient, since, as we already explained, there are even images with the PNG format that are attached with a misleading background.
Fortunately, Google came up with the solution a few years ago and did so by including a new parameter for image searches in its engine. If you want to find icons, logos and other representations in PNG format and with a background, just follow these steps:
Go to Google, go to the images tab and perform your searchWhen you see the results, locate the options placed just below the Google search barClick on the last option: ToolsA few more options will be displayed, locate the Color menuIn the resulting menu, Make sure Transparent Color is on Done, now you'll only see results from images with transparent backgrounds and you can be sure to copy them into your editing software without fear of being cheated.

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