Quantinuum and IBM are investing in the mutual growth of the Quantum ecosystem

Quantinuum announces a new investment from IBM and expands its capabilities with IBM Quantum systems to jointly expand the quantum ecosystem
Quantinuum joins the IBM Quantum Ecosystem to advance quantum computing applications
CAMBRIDGE, England and BROOMFIELD, Colo., Feb. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quantinuum today announced an agreement with IBM to expand the IBM Quantum Hub with Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited. This will give customers greater access to IBM's quantum computing systems, including the recently announced 127-qubit Eagle processor, as well as IBM's quantum expertise and Qiskit to power and develop the quantum ecosystem. IBM's investment in Quantinuum was funded by IBM Ventures conveyed.
“We are excited to expand access to IBM Quantum hardware and Qiskit, and to offer our customers solutions designed for cutting-edge quantum computing hardware. We continue to deploy a wide range of quantum processors, including IBM, as the company is a leader in superconducting quantum computers, which are critical to the growth of quantum computing capabilities," said Ilyas Khan, CEO of Quantinuum. "IBM has evolved significantly committed to creating a growing quantum ecosystem and was an early investor in Cambridge Quantum and now Quantinuum. We look forward to opening a wide range of opportunities to further advance the applications of quantum computing in industry."
Quantinuum is the result of the merger of two leaders in the global quantum computing ecosystem: Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum. This new investment and commercial collaboration is an example of how Quantinuum aims to drive the development of quantum computing and the innovation of quantum technologies to deliver true quantum-enabled Finding solutions to some of the toughest problems that traditional computers have never been able to solve.

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