The open rate of eCommerce order tracking emails exceeds 90% for the first time during the first 6 weeks of the year

So far this year, 91.2% of emails sent to buyers to inform them of the status of the order were opened by their recipients. This is revealed by the latest data provided by the company specializing in after-sales process management, Outvio, after analyzing 1,377 online stores.
This figure represents a growth of almost two points compared to the same period last year, when only 88% of eCommerce follow-up emails were opened.
"These data confirm the trend that we have been observing in recent years. More and more eCommerce put effort into differentiating themselves by offering the best possible shopping experience. Notifying at the right time about the status of orders and shipments is key, and even more so when the Communication is done by the online store itself, with its branding, not letting the carrier be the one to take advantage of these emails with such a large opening rate." says Juanjo Borrás, CEO of Outvio.
The software platform analyzes the data commenting that part of this rise may be due to the slight increase in international orders processed by online stores, compared to the same period last year, as eCommerce increasingly seeks to grow by opening up to new markets. It is in these international shipments, with longer transit periods, where the buyer has a greater motivation to know the status of his order at all times.
From Outvio they insist that personalizing both the order status communication emails and the page where the buyer can track it, and not delegating these to carriers, is becoming an upward trend in recent months.
Not having a consistent sales process, they point out from the company, is not only a serious obstacle to loyalty and the return on investment in acquisition, it is also a great lost sales opportunity. They emphasize that it is very effective to use the messages and the tracking page as a marketing strategy, adding banners promoting strategic products to increase cross-selling, offer additional discounts and strengthen the brand-client relationship.
As Juanjo from Outvio comments, "To use an analogy, delegate the tracking of shipments and emails to the transport company and not appropriate that communication with your buyers, it is as if when buying at Zara, the saleswoman was wearing a Carrefour uniform, and the purchase will be delivered to you in a plastic bag from Mercadona. It sounds ridiculous, but it is exactly what many eCommerce still do today."

About Outvio

The startup Outvio was born three years ago by the Spanish Juanjo Borrás (current CEO of the company) and the Estonian Kaidi Tiitson. Outvio has exceeded 300 million euros in sales managed through its after-sales application in 2021.
Outvio is a SaaS application, oriented to B2B, which was created to improve the after-sales service of any e-commerce, regardless of its sector or size. Its software centralizes all orders in a visual interface so that the store can manage them automatically. It allows the automation of picking and packing processes, optimizes carrier selection, makes a shipment tracking portal available to the online store with e-Commerce branding, automates customer service processes, allows incident management with artificial intelligence, it enables marketing tools at different points of the delivery process, and of course, it automates the processing and management of returns "a la Amazon". And other features that are key for any online store to be successful as soon as possible, and stay.

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